Molly Movie – Age 0 – 1997 to 1998

Leading up to Molly turning 18 next year, I am planning to cut video for each year of her life to different Beatles singles. This first instalment is from Christmas 1997 to her 1st Birthday in 1998 – Christmas 1997 was when we bought our first Sony Digital Video camera while on holiday in England. This was one of the first digital camcorders using DV Tape.

Given the welcome chaos that came to Kerrie and myself with the birth of Molly I have aptly cut this to “Revolution1” from the White Album

It starts with scenes from Aud and Bill’s (Grandparents) place in Ormskirk, England, including her first Christmas there. A quick camping shot then switches to scenes from our first house in Eltham, Melbourne. A few shots with Sarchee, our beautiful Husky, who was a great companion for Molly. Sarchee used to put up with hair pulling and lots of rough play from Molly, plus Molly stealing her dog biscuits (see video).  Following the scene in the sandpit, there is video of Molly’s first crawl and then some typical play time.

It finishes with her first Birthday which was with family and friends in our Eltham house. Poor Molly was ill for her birthday with a cold but she still managed a smile.



She is the oldest grandchild on both sides and so was defiantly spoilt for her first year. But in return she was a happy and inquisitive baby and a favourite with all, especially with her carers at day care.

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