Molly Movie – Age 1 – 1998 to 1999

This second instalment is Molly aged 1 and is cut to “Here Comes The Sun” from The Beatles Abbey Road album.

There are lots of shots of our first house in Eltham and some shots with Sarchee our lovely Husky

The early scene in snow is from a great day we had with Sarchee around Lake Mountain area Victoria, after fresh snow falls.  We owned a Jeep at that stage and went deep into the back trails for untouched snow. As a Husky Sarchee loved it.

We owned a Jeep because we were big into off-road driving and camping and you will see a number of shots of Molly while camping.  Molly’s first eating by herself ice-cream experience was at Nhill, Victoria, after a long weekend around the Big and Little Deserts of Victoria. We did a few trips to these deserts while Molly was young.

Living in Malaysia where the climate is tropical all year round you appreciate how in Victoria you get all seasons and Molly can go from snow to desert. Some of her friends now have experienced neither.

Mid way through you get a glimpse of Molly on her 3 wheel push trike – more on this in the next instalment as we had many long walks with Molly on her trike in the hills of Eltham.  You also see Moo’s Place which was the cubby house her grandparents bought for her and which we had subsequently taken to four different houses as she grew up.

Molly was very talkative, as you can see, and also was a good eater.  Emily’s comment upon seeing the video was to ask “Why Molly was always eating?”


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