Tanjung Sepat – Fishing Village Day Trip

Tanjung Sepat is a small fishing village about one and a half hours drive south of Kuala Lumpur, just south of Morib.  It is a great day trip or alternatively a relaxing weekender if you plan to stay at the Sepang Gold Coast Resort.

20141108 02 Fishing Village - Tanjung Sepat

Kerrie and I did it as a day trip last Saturday driving down through Sepang and around KLIA and returning up the coast via Morib and Klang. 

A key reason for wanting to visit Tanjugn Sepat was to try Birds Nest soup at the Kuan Wellness Ecopark.  The ecology park consists of a 3½ storey Swiftlet house and a visitor centre. So we could try the Birds Nest in a sustainable way plus see them being cleaned and prepared – the feathers have the be picked out of the nests by hand and the nests unassembled and cleaned.

20141108C 21 Birds Nest - Kuan Wellness Ecopark - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 09 Birds Nest - Kuan Wellness Ecopark - Tanjung Sepat

We tried the Birds Nest Soup with Rock Sugar – Birds Nest Soup with Ginseng is the other popular option.  Kerrie thought the Birds Nest was like vermicelli noodles in texture. The flavour was all in the Rock Sugar soup.

20141108C 04 Birds Nest - Kuan Wellness Ecopark - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 05 Birds Nest - Kuan Wellness Ecopark - Tanjung Sepat

In Tanjung Sepat it self we had a filling lunch of Pau Buns at Hai Yew Heng Bakery. It was great to see the buns being made and to get them so fresh. Hai Yew Heng has been established for more than 40 years and is well known – the queues out the front underpin its reputation.

20141108 06 Hai Yew Heng Pau Bun - Tanjung Sepat

The dough was mixed and cut into balls by machine but after that it was all by hand to flatten the dough ball, put in the filling and then form the pau.

20141108C 33 Hai Yew Heng Pau Bun - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 40 Hai Yew Heng Pau Bun - Tanjung Sepat

20141108C 31 Hai Yew Heng Pau Bun - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 32 Hai Yew Heng Pau Bun - Tanjung Sepat

Opposite the bakery was a small stall – Toh Lee Boy – that specialised in Sali Juice – Sali is a local fruit. It has a sourness to it. It’s texture is similar to green mango and can be eaten the same, i.e. with salt.

20141108C 44 Sali - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 47 Sali - Tanjung Sepat

20141108C 48 Sali - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 50 Sali - Tanjung Sepat

Other sites to see included the GanoFarm Mushroom Farm, which also has a nice homestay attached and is on the sea side. You cannot go into the actual farm itself to see the mushrooms but there are examples as you walk into the store and lots of products to buy in the store.

Lingchi Mushroom   –    Oyster Mushroom

20141108C 60 GanoFarm - Mushroom Farm - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 58 GanoFarm - Mushroom Farm - Tanjung Sepat

We finished out stay with a walk on Lovers Bridge, which unfortunately has collapsed half way out.

20141108C 64 Lovers Bridge - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 66 Lovers Bridge - Tanjung Sepat

Some interesting craft shops at Lovers Bridge that are worth a browse.

20141108 24 Lovers Bridge - Tanjung Sepat20141108 26 Lovers Bridge - Tanjung Sepat

20141108 25 Lovers Bridge - Tanjung Sepat20141108C 71 Lovers Bridge - Tanjung Sepat

It was an easy day trip from Kuala Lumpur and well set up for visitors. Thanks Nadia for the recommendation of Tanjung Sepat.


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