GIS Basketball Opening Matches – 2014/15 Season

The last two weeks saw the season opening basketball matches for Emily GIS U15 and Molly GUS U18.


U15’s was against Alice Smith at GIS.  It was a big win for GIS with Alice Smith being kept scoreless until 4th quarter and GIS having a big 1st and 4th quarter.  Em was a bit slow on court at first but soon got into rhythm. She has started to develop a real 50-50 match with variation in driving for the lay up and then in holding off for the drop shot.

Em in Form


Strong 2 – 3 Defence Pattern – U15

20141113S 07 Emily U15 GIS Basketball

Em lines up for one of many penalty shots

20141113S 08 Emily U15 GIS Basketball

20141113S 13 Emily U15 GIS Basketball20141113S 10 Emily U15 GIS Basketball

U18’s was against Alice Smith at Alice Smith – Molly drove out with me and it gave her a chance to do some distance driving is tough conditions as was heavy rain.

The U18 match was much closer with GIS taking it in last second by a point.  Molly had not played for a year and so was short on match toughness.  She looked lost in the 1st quarter but then got her old stride back. It was great to see her starting to drive again and especially bring back her weave through players switching between left and right hands as she drove for the basket.

Moo going for the shot

20141105S 08 Molly U18 GIS Basketball

20141105S 09 Molly U18 GIS Basketball20141105S 10 Molly U18 GIS Basketball

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