Molly Movie – Age 2 – 1999 to 2000

This third instalment is Molly age 2 and is cut to “Twist and Shout” from The Beatles Please Please Me album.

In this instalment we have a very talkative Molly, albeit one that does not make a lot of sense.  She had a great way at laughing at herself which you will see a few times, especially at the start.

As in all her early years there are camping scenes including one from a big trip we did down the Border Track of Victoria and South Australia and then onto Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

The second scene you see Molly on her trike – she loved this as we went for long walks in Eltham with Sarchee and Molly on her Trike. I would put a dog lead on her Trike and pull her along.

Her favourite teddy / doll makes a number of appearances – her name was Gladdys and was given to her by the Khoo Family when she was born.

This year of Molly’s life was also our move from Eltham to our house in Langs Road, Ivanhoe, Melbourne.  There are scenes from our Langs Road house prior to later renovation.

She was also a flower girl that year in my sisters (Sharon) wedding.

The final Birthday Scene was at her Child Care in Ivanhoe.


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