Molly Movie – Age 4 – 2001 to 2002

This fifth instalment is Molly age 4 and is cut to “What Goes On” from The Beatles Rubber Soul album.

This year was a quiet one for Molly Moo as we continued to renovate Ivanhoe and enjoy playing around the house. As I had built a 6 foot high fence across the front of Ivanhoe, Molly had free reign of the entire block to run around and play.

She was flower girl for the second time – this time for her godfather Clark and Ezna – and so a cute scene as she walks down the aisle with Thomas Huet.

There are some scenes from an apartment we had in Hyde Park, Sydney while I was on assignment for a few months. This was over summer and gave us a chance to catch-up with many Sydney based friends also with young kids.

Moo has never been an early riser for Santa as she chooses to wake up in her own time on Christmas Day.  Given she was one of 3 grandchildren at this stage and the only one old enough to really enjoy Christmas is was frustrating for all to wait for her to rise.

2002 was the year she learnt to ride a bike without training wheels and her best friend at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar Early Learning Centre was Amelia.

Easter 2002 was in England with Kerrie’s parents. Kerrie took the kids to see her family while I stayed back in Australia. This was Emily’s first trip to England.

The clip ends with a shot of Molly through the window of her doll house which I made myself for her 5th birthday.


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