Molly Movie – Age 5 – 2002 to 2003

This instalment is Molly aged 5 and is cut to “Hold Me Tight” from the “With The Beatles” Album.

It starts with a pleasant day learning to ice skate in the temporary facility at Southbank Melbourne.  A good Aussie run through the sprinklers then sees a scene of Molly in a Nativity Play.

The last lot of renovations at Ivanhoe then takes us into Christmas. The renovations were the laundry and toilet which almost saw us without a toilet that Christmas – a disaster averted as we hosted my family that year.

We see Molly starting to become self conscious at the age of 5 while Emily makes a number of short but cute appearances completely unembarrassed.

Towards the end we see Molly as the Wombat in the Ivanhoe Girls Grammar Year 1 production of Wombat Stew.  Then closing shots of Molly in her school uniform.


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