Emily at U15 FOBISIA – Singapore

Last weekend was U15 FOBISIA which this year was held at Tanglin Trust School in Singapore.

20141129C 23 U15 FOBISIA - Singapore

U15 consists of Year 9 and Year 10 students and for FOBISIA the 6 schools competing were Garden International and Alice Smith School from Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok Patana and Shrewsbury from Thailand, Dulwich College from Shanghai and Tanglin Trust from Singapore.


The Garden Team were largely Year 9 students and so younger and shorter than the other teams. Results were not great for Garden compared to previous years but they were still very competitive.

20141129S 01 U15 FOBISIA - Singapore

Emily represented GIS in all sports with Shot Put and Discus on Saturday, Basketball on Sunday and Soccer on Monday.

Emily got 4th for both Shot Put and Discus and had a great day with the basketball. It was tough for her as she was targeted in all games with some games having two people cover her.  Still she played hard with a good 50 / 50 game varying up her drive to the basket with drop shots from 2 to 3 meters out.  She also showed great strength under the basket.


As always we were very proud of her on court leadership and she clearly had the respect of other players and coaches.

We only saw a few matches of the soccer on the last day as we needed to drive back to KL. It was wet and muddy so it looked like the girls were having fun in the conditions.



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