Emily’s Pot Luck and Horror Movie Farewell

Next week Emily will be saying goodbye to school friends after 4 years with Garden International School (GIS). She has been with this group from Term 2 Year 5 (Jan 2011) through to Term 1 Year 9 (Dec 2014).

She had a mini-farewell a few weekends ago with a Pot Luck Dinner and Horror Movie Night – which meant lots of teenage yelling and screaming as they frightened each other into a frenzy.

Lui – Cindy – Saebom – Molly – Leila – Siobhan – Kotoko – Emily – Gabby



Most of the Pot Luck was sweets with donoughts, chocolate, cake and crisps – so not the healthiest.  They did have a good night playing Wii, watching movies and talking and screaming loudly.


Kotoko and Saebom slept over but they never quite made it from the couch to the beds – they were two scared after the horror movies to sleep alone.

20141122C 03 Emily Leaving KL Party20141122C 04 Emily Leaving KL Party20141122C 05 Emily Leaving KL Party

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