20 Years of knowing and loving Kerrie

It is exactly 20 years tomorrow, on a Friday night in Dec 1994, that I met my darling Kerrie in Bobby McGees – which back then was a popular night club in Melbourne.


 01 Dave and Kerrie - Nestle Christmas Party [1996] 20140415C 04 19th Wedding Aniversary


It was a regular haunt for myself and my friends as we would often go on a Friday night, arriving just after 5pm for Happy Hour to stock up on double vodka and raspberries.  For Kerrie it was the first time she had gone to Bobby McGees – an envious track record for her scoring big on that first time.


29 Molly Christening 075 Canberra Floriade


Those first few months had a number of events that still make me wonder why I am still on the scene…my declaration to her that we could not go on a picnic I had planned because I ran out of lentils…my sitting around drinking with her good friend Kay while other guys moved her into her new house…then my lovely dog Sarchee destroying the sprinkler system in her new house the week later…Kerrie tearing the muscles in her chest as she fell backwards while I was getting her to roller blade downhill (OK, this did have the upside that I had to bathe her for the next few days as she could not lift her arms above her shoulders).


 36 Floating Restaurant - Our First Wedding Aniversary at Hong Kong [1996... DSC_3588


It has been a packed 20 years…lasting…

  • 2 kids, 3 dogs and 1 cat…many fish, mice and hamsters
  • 6 houses in 3 cities (Melbourne, Canberra and Kuala Lumpur) and soon to be 7th back in Melbourne…the trick here was to have a lot on at work and let Kerrie do the moving
  • 2 large renovations with Ivanhoe and Heysen Street houses
  • Numerous travel, driving, hiking related disagreements debating if we carry on with an activity or turn around…I probably would not be here if Kerrie had not won most of those disagreements




I think we have achieved a lot together in those 20 years and of course it doesn’t stop as we start to plan out the next 20 and beyond.  It is great to be heading back to Melbourne to live – the city we met and the city where both Molly and Emily were born.


20 Netbridge Christmas Function [1995]

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