Driving Kids to School

Last Thursday, 11th December, was a sad morning as it was my very last time driving both Molly and Emily to school.  Living in Kuala Lumpur for the past 4 years has meant that I have been able to drop the girls off to school most mornings – this has been a huge enjoyment especially as my earlier years with them in Australia often meant I was travelling too much for work to have this time with them.

In Myvi taking the kids to School

With Molly staying in Kuala Lumpur for next 6 months to finish school and Emily heading back to Melbourne to start Grade 9, our joint school days are done.

The drive each day from Desa Parkcity to Garden International School is an interesting one. Although only 15 minutes, we have many back streets to navigate that are poorly maintained and narrow. The highlights are often seeing cows and chickens being slaughtered as we drive through the Kampung or the many little kids running around and on the road.

Myvi outside of our Desa Parkcity House

The conversation with the kids is either quiet as they slowly wake up in preparation for the day ahead or extremely loud as we argue about anything from music to sport to friends or they attempt to not answer my many dad questions. Generally the loud days occur after an argument on who gets the front seat so the girls are by then wide awake.

Our journeys have also included an energetic frog who stowed away in Emily’s shoe and spent most of the trip jumping from within the dash to on my legs while I was trying to drive. Luckily he finished the journey on the passenger car mat so we were able to get him out of the car.

This milestone is another one to reflect that Molly is become a young adult and the separation for Kerrie and myself is tough.

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