Ear Piercing and Hanging with Friends

On Saturday 13th Dec Emily spent one last day with her friends hanging out at Mid-Valley and Gardens Mall in Kuala Lumpur.  The idea was one last hurrah for Emily with her and Kotoko getting their ears pierced as they were the only two girls in their year without piercings.



Most of the gang were there – Cindy, Saebom, Molly, Siobhan.  Malls are the thing in Kuala Lumpur given they have so many including 3 of them that are claimed to be in the top 10 largest in the world. Escaping the heat I guess is a key reason for malls being so popular plus there is so much you can do at them because a number have sporting and other activities.

The girls kicked off their morning with breakfast at the recently opened Magnum Cafe where you “Make Your Own Magnum”. You choose an ice cream base (vanilla or chocolate), coated with milk, white or dark choc, then customise it further with a plethora of intriguing toppings.


Magnum Cafe 

Magnum Cafe Magnum Cafe


Em will miss her friends as she has been with them for the past 4 years, from age 10 to 14. She is looking forward to kicking off back in Melbourne but with the technology we now have she will no doubt keep in touch with her friends from GIS.

Mid Valley Mall


Sunday night (14th Dec) was Kerrie and Emily’s last night in KL. We spent it with dinner at KLCC Food Court and then strolling around the KLCC grounds taking photos.  I have spent 4 years in KL and around Asia and eaten in some very dodgy places and never had food poisoning – I found it ironic that in my last week in KL I got food poisoning from the Food Court at KLCC, a relatively safe place to eat.

KLCC and Twin Towers

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2 Responses to Ear Piercing and Hanging with Friends

  1. Hanna says:

    Where did you get your ear pierced? It’a Mid Valley right? But at what shop?

    • David says:

      Hi – Sorry about taking so long as I needed to find out from my daughter. It was Poh Konh Jwellery in Mid Valley. Very safe and they did both ears at the same time to minimise anguish.

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