Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day 2014 was a relaxed Christmas – it started slowly with Molly and Emily taking their time to wake up and get going. By mid morning it kicked up a gear as my twin 6 year old nieces rocked up with their Santa presents in hand and then heading into lunch we were in full swing as the rest of the family (minus one brother) turned up.


Christmas Day


Emily came into bed with me and Kerrie around 6:30am for a quick cuddle – I was hoping she woudl stay in bed with us but after a few minutes she got us up and dragged us into Molly’s bedroom.  It was then a subdued and calm opening of the stockings to slowly go through presents from Santa. Em did well with her new Smartphone an Huawei P7 and both got a Frisbee, a selfie stick and then of course the Bra and clothes.


Christmas Day Chirstmas Day


After my criticism last year of mum buying a processed turkey it was all out this year with a whole turkey cooked to perfection for nearly 4 hours – plus an additional hour for dad to read the instructions, magnifying glass in hand. Dad also did his roast pork on his outdoor rotisserie – the pork had perfect crackling and was lovely and moist.


Christmas Day Turkey Christmas Day Turkey

Christmas Day Christmas Day


As it was for most Australians this year (according to the TV news), selfie sticks were given to all and so Em had a great time taking selfies with her new Smartphone and selfie stick. At US$ 3 a selfie stick form Malaysia we used them as common presents back here in Australia.


Christmas Day Selfie Chirstmas Day Selfie

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