Hanging out with Molly

Molly is staying in Kuala Lumpur to finish her last 6 months of High School. She is staying with another Australian Family, the Smiths, who have been long term in KL and whose daughter, also a Molly, is one of our Molly’s close friends. As I will be flying back and forth  between Melbourne and KL for sometime I will get to hang out with Molly and also help her be less homesick. 

We got to hang out a bit in January as I was in KL. We did a lot of physical training including a run around the FRIM and over the Canopy Walk.  Although a short Canopy Walk, it has great view back on KL and also is fairly high up and walks you over some massive ferns and trees.

20150111MOO 02 FRIM - Kuala Lumpur20150111MOO 09 FRIM - Kuala Lumpur20150111MOO 05 FRIM - Kuala Lumpur

It is a moderate walk up to the canopy but we were out for a run both up and back which gave us a good 4 to 5 kms of hills on our legs.

Not every outing was that healthy or though we have both agreed to stay focused on our healthy eating and exercise. We did do one evening at Shucked in Publika and knocked back a dozen oysters each then had a look at the 1600 Pandas visiting Publika and KL.

20150118HTC 02 Shucked - Publika - Kuala Lumpur

20150118HTC 06 Pandas - Publika - Kuala Lumpur20150118HTC 05 Pandas - Publika - Kuala Lumpur

The 1600 Pandas are touring around the World and Malaysia hoping to spread and strengthen the awareness of environment conservation to everyone. They were very popular at Publika with huge queues of people wanting to take their photograph with the little Pandas.

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