Moving Into Hawthorn

Last weekend we moved into out new house in Hawthorn just up from Glenferrie station and shops. It was all chaos with boxes everywhere and way too much stuff, especially as we are downsizing from a 5 bedroom to a 3 bedroom place. The removalist’s were laughing as many of the boxes were labelled with rooms that do not exist in our new house and so needless to say a lot of boxes went straight to the garage.

20150125 04 Haines Street - Hawthorn20150125 08 Haines Street - Hawthorn

Luckily it was the Australia Day Long Weekend and so it gave us an extra day to sort things out and move major things around.

20150125 09 Haines Street - Hawthorn20150124 05 Haines Street - Hawthorn

Being without a house and furniture for a month did not impact me much as I was in Kuala Lumpur for most of the time and only arrived back on the Friday 23rd January to then move in the next day.  It was more an impost for Kerrie and Emily, but luckily my brother lives in Melbourne and so they could stay there for a while and then they camped in the house for a week prior to the furniture coming.

20150128S 04 Moving into Haines Street - Hawthorn20150128S 02 Moving into Haines Street - Hawthorn

The house is a pretty little house with a wide frontage, nice size yard and deck and garage. Kitchen is also a good size.  For us it is just the challenge of no LEGO Room and no Formal Study / Sewing Room. But then that is what a Holiday Home is for Smile

20150128S 08 Moving into Haines Street - Hawthorn

20150116 05 Haines Street - Hawthorn

The location is great as Emily is only 5 mins walk to MLC and likewise I am only 5 mins walk to the Train Station. Also home to work for me is only 20 mins all up. We are also only 5 mins to Glenferrie shops which have both Coles and Woolies and a great range of restaurants and coffee places.

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