Tsukemen Noodles with Molly

Last Friday Moo and I hung out around KLCC. She was waiting to meet friends later that evening for an 18th birthday party – nice and fancy at Marini’s Rooftop Bar.  Although I

prefer the view from Traders Hotel Bar as it gives a full view of the towers from across KLCC Park, the view from Marini’s is close up and so it really gives you an intimate look into the towers.

We hung out in Avenue K which is a small mall across from KLCC.  We continued shopping for sunglasses for Molly – still with no luck in finding a pair she liked. We also played some Table Tennis which was on offer for free on the top floor.  Molly Instagramed my predicted defeat and then later was embarrassed as I wrapped her up 3 – 0, the master still has it over the apprentice.

20150206HTC 08 Table Tennis with Molly - Avenue K KLCC 20150206HTC 07 Table Tennis with Molly - Avenue K KLCC

We had dinner at Tsukemen & Izakaya Ieyasu in Avenue K which gave us a chance to try Tsukemen Noodles. Tsukemen means “dipping noodles” and as such cold noodles are served separately with hot dipping soup and toppings on the side. The noodles are fresh ramen noodles that are springy and chewy and the soup is thicker than ramen – you are meant to water it down after you have finished your noodles and then drink the soup.

20150206HTC 01 Tsukemen Noodles with Molly

20150206HTC 02 Tsukemen Noodles with Molly 

The Tsukemen dish was nice and chewy as suggested. It coated nicely when dipped in the soup but both Molly and I found the soup great on the noodles but a bit too rich to drink afterwards – our favourite is still the chilled soba noodles.

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