Molly Movie – Age 7 – 2004 to 2005

This instalment is Molly age 7 and is cut to “And I Love Her” from the “A Hard Day’s Night” Album.

It was a fairly quiet end to the 2004 year as we had moved to Canberra earlier in the year and so spent most of 2004 settling in. Molly got her first big bike from Santa which was well used around the bike tracks of Canberra.

The year in 2005 picked up as we had Frank Hobson’s Christening in Brisbane which gave us the chance to pop into DreamWorld on the Gold Coast.  We also had our big trip to England and then camping throughout France (Brittany, Loire Valley, Paris and Somme) with the girls first of many visits to Disney, this one being Euro Disney.

Easter was Chocolate Carrots which had Molly excited and fascinated – such a simple thing.

Her talking Alarm clock appears. She had a lot of fun with this as it would record her voice and then play it back as her alarm.

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