Molly Video Age 8 (2005)

This instalment is Molly age 8 and is cut to “Honey Don’t” from the “Beatles For Sale” Album.

This video has some overlap from the previous as our big holiday in 2005 to England and France overlapped with Molly’s 8th Birthday. This enabled her to have her 8th Birthday with her grandparents in Ormskirk, England.

The early shots in the video are from France except the Pom Pom Dancing at the start which was her Christmas present that year with the Dance Mat.

The two speaking session of Molly and Emily part way in were at Euro Disney. The first was midday when waiting at the Disney Station and I was asking them what they thought of Euro Disney. The second was after 11pm on the way back from Euro Disney on the train – you can see how tired they were as they had gone none stop since 6am.

In the second talking session you can also see Molly with her Goofy hat. Each Disney trip she picked up a different funny hat.

Their first set if Hermit Crabs make an appearance. This was the start of many years of Hermit Crabs and other little critters.

Molly also won the opportunity to train with the ACT Canberra Strikers which is the representative team in women’s Field Hockey.

She continued with the Piano as well as the Fife in Yaralumla Primary School Fife and Drum Band.

We also moved into out house in Heysen Street that year hence many of he later shots are from Heysen Street.


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