Molly is back to Kuala Lumpur

With Molly flying into Melbourne for Chinese New Year we briefly had the family together again.

Batrouney Family in Haines St - Hawthorn

It was great to be together and get a week of normality as we have all felt a bit disjointed and in chaos with the move back to Melbourne, the change of schools for Em, myself travelling again for work and Molly finishing high school in KL. 

It has probably been the most hard for Kerrie as the rest of us are all off doing things while Kerrie has to be the centre-pin back at home and also the one who has to settle us back into Australia – change of addresses, coordinating new licenses, getting the new car, getting Emily in sports clubs etc.

This morning we took Molly to the Melbourne airport to see her back to Kuala Lumpur. A few dramas after we dropped her off because she was flying out Air Asia but her return flight for Easter is with Malaysian Airlines.  So Air Asia would not check her in as they did not think she had a return flight – so Kerrie and I had to turn the car around and head back to the airport as all the return flight information was with Kerrie. 

This flight from KL and back is Molly’s first flight alone and so was a bit stressful for her to go through this and be held at check-in for half an hour.  However she is more than capable as she was assisting a much older lady in the queue on how to complete the paperwork with flight details etc.

She is armed for the flight with Season 2 of Arrow – we have both been watching this series and love it.  We like the dual plots of the Island and the City and it all seems to have more substance than the other hero shows out at the moment.

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