Molly Movie Age 9 (2006)

This instalment is Molly age 9 and is cut to “Rock and Roll Music” from the “Beatles For Sale” Album.

In an early scene we see Molly in the Yaralumla Primary School play with her best friend Annabel.

This was the year where we finalised most of our renovations of our Heysen Street house including the big backyard renovation. So half way through you can see the girls on their see-saw on our new lawn. The backyard was thanks to some awesome clearing from Shane Glassock.

This was a year of trips. We started with an outback trip to Corner Country in August. You can see Molly in the video on a rope swing and treading through a muddy lake a 1,000 km’s from nowhere. We ended this outback trip with a long and very boring drive along the border of NSW and Queensland to arrive in Brisbane for Frank Hobson’s birthday. The park scenes were from a picnic with the Hobson’s.

We spent summer at Durras off the lower East Coast of Australia with the girls having a lot of fun on their boogie boards. We also had Easter with my family camping at Tumut as can be seen with the girls on their bikes.

Molly’s 9th year finished with our big trip to California and to Disneyland, LA for Molly’s 10th Birthday. Spoiled she had a cake in the morning with her Character Breakfast and then a cake in the evening with her Disney Character Dinner.

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