House Shopping at Ocean Grove

A busy day was spent looking for houses around Ocean Grove and Torquay area, about one and a half hours from Melbourne.

As always Kerrie had done the research and organised the day around inspection times. While Emily had to be dragged along and showed no interest until after the first house when in typical Emily style she perked up and took over.

I am getting tired of looking at houses and so hope Kerrie finds one she likes soon. We either want close walking distance to a beach or otherwise somewhere away from town but with land.

I did really like the Ocean Grove area for housing and the Barwon Heads area for cafes. The Organic Smoothies we got were very good, served from a tiny little caravan while you laid around on bean bags.

20150307HTC 01 Barwon Heads

20150307HTC 04 Barwon Heads20150307HTC 08 Barwon Heads20150307HTC 05 Barwon Heads

If we do manage to find a house then below would be our local beach. There is one house I like but Kerrie needs to go back and see fully. It is less than 100m from the below beach.

20150307HTC 13 Ocean Grove

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