Viper Challenge 2015

I am so very proud of Moo as she and I completed last Sunday the 15th the Malaysian 2015 Viper Challenge – Asia’s biggest obstacle event.

20150316 44 GP4 Viper Challenge - Malaysia20150316 46 GP4 Viper Challenge - Malaysia

This is her second big endurance event and she slogged it out with her team to complete the 20km and 20 obstacles in just on 4 hours.  In fact our team of Garden International School (GIS) students – Moo, Molly S, Sara, Alex, Eric, Sham and myself (so 3 girls, 3 boys and an aging sloth) – completed the course in a similar time to the other GIS team of 6 boys – so one less to get over obstacles.  So a big plus for girl power!!!

20150316 05 GP4 Viper Challenge - Malaysia20150316 10 GP4 Viper Challenge - Malaysia

The obstacles were full on and some very tough. They included many high and angled walls, monkey bars and a Spiderman climb plus a number of water obstacles and lot and lots of mud. The very first obstacle, 2km’s in, was a dip into ice water and then a swim under a wall. This effectively meant we were wet and muddy for the remaining 18km’s.

20150316 15 GP4 Viper Challenge - Malaysia

Moo is the person on the right on the wall – half way up in blue shirt and pink shorts

20150316 24 GP3 Viper Challenge - Malaysia

The course was out at the Sepang F1 Track and worked it’s way throughout the jungle and mud that surrounds Sepang.

We ran most of the 20km albeit the younger guys stopping and starting while I just kept a to constant jog and acted as sweeper. The last few km’s however we were down to a walk as we came to a Motocross Track and so the run became very steep and very up and down.

20150316 12 GP4 Viper Challenge - Malaysia20150316 39 GP3 Viper Challenge - Malaysia

We had a great team that helped each other throughout the course. Everyone tackled a personal something throughout the course with kudos to Sarah for the High Rope Wall, Molly S for heights in general, Eric and Sham for battling through cramps and Alex for starting with White Hair and finishing with Brown Hair Smile  For Moo is was completing the course given how bad her back has been over the past year and having to have her dad tag along.

20150316 42 GP4 Viper Challenge - Malaysia

20150316 50 GP4 Viper Challenge - Malaysia

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