Footy (AFL) Season Opener

With our new Carlton Social Club Memberships in hand, Moo, Emily and myself (Kerrie was home with a cold) headed off to the MCG last night for the AFL Season Opener – Carlton vs Richmond.

20150402HTC 19 Carlton vs Richmond - MCG

The young Blues got off to a good start and at one stage were over 4 goals up. But then Richmond came back late in second quarter and from there the Blues never really recovered. The final score saw Carlton go down by 27 points 11.12 (78) to 15.15 (105).

20150402HTC 24 Carlton vs Richmond - MCG20150402HTC 21 Carlton vs Richmond - MCG

Our reserve seats are in a great location on the 2nd level right behind the goal. It is also handy to be able to go into the Social Club rooms just behind for a beer, pie and to warm up.

20150402HTC 06 Carlton vs Richmond - MCG20150402HTC 09 Carlton vs Richmond - MCG

20150402HTC 02 Carlton vs Richmond - MCG

We enjoyed a Four’N Twenty Pie each for dinner and then Em and Moo went down and got Jam Filled Donuts – just to ensure that the roof of their mouths were fully burnt. All in all a great night at the G just a shame about the loss.

20150402HTC 15 Carlton vs Richmond - MCG

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