Molly Movie Age 11 (2008)

This instalment is Molly age 11 and is cut to “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” from the album “The Beatles (White Album)

Christmas of 2008 was spent in New Zealand and so many of the early shots were from that holiday.  We spent a week exploring the South Island north of Christchurch.  Then we picked up my mum and dad in Christchurch and spent a further week exploring the south.

It was great summer weather for the two weeks in New Zealand and so lots of outdoor hiking and enjoying the wineries, beaches and food.  However we did have a few days of rain which happened when we decided to go Kayaking.

The girls main Christmas presents that year were a laptop each which Santa managed to get to them while we were travelling New Zealand.

One of the places we all enjoyed in New Zealand was Puzzling World at Wanaka. There is a great shot of Molly sliding upwards on a seat – this was because it was mounted in a room where the floor and everything on it was angled.

The Slip n Slide scenes were with Freddy and Tilly, our next door neighbours in Canberra. The Easter Egg Hunt that follows was at Corryong where my whole family camped for Easter 2009. The closing scene was up at Hotham and shows Molly and Frank on the steel toboggan.

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