Molly Movie Age 12 (2009)

This instalment is Molly age 12 and is cut to “Got To Get You into My Life” from the album “Revolver

The video starts to show a tall and lanky Moo heading into her teen age years. Most of the video is from either her Year 6 Primary School Graduation – note the Leadership Award – or from an Outback Trip we did over Christmas 2009 – through the Flinders Ranges to Ayres Rock (Uluru), Kings Canyon and Alice Springs. Then back down to meet mum and dad around Barossa Valley and Hahndorf outside of Adelaide.

Some great Aussie snaps in this video with Moo boarding down sand dunes just out of Wentworth, swimming in the Murray River, shooting pool in a real Outback Aussie Pub and doing the actions and singing to “Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees”. All fitting as it was only a year later we packed up from Australia and headed off to Malaysia.

Although not really shown in the video, this was a big age for Moo as she started high school at in early 2010. The video does finish with a small snap from a High School Piano Recital.

Moo’s 13th birthday party at the end was at the Hellenic Club in Canberra with Ice Skating afterwards. She had a great group of girls from her Year 7 Class at Canberra Girls Grammar plus some of her friends from Basketball and Hockey.

There is something I should have edited which occurs when the girls and Kerrie are dancing to the Nintendo – I did not pick it up until the video was published so too late now!!!


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