Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 20th Wedding Anniversary and it was fitting to be back, settled and celebrating in Melbourne, where it all started.

92 The Ceremony - Our Wedding [Apr 1995]

We were married only 5 months after we met and 3 weeks after I proposed – and it wasn’t at the end of a shot gun. We had a short engagement in order to get married before Kerrie’s parents headed back to the UK.

Our Wedding was at the Lovegrove Winery in the Yarra Valley and reception at the Sheraton opposite Flinders Street Station in Melbourne City.

40 Bride and Groom - Our Wedding [Apr 1995]

Given the short notice it was just immediate family and our very close friends. It was a great surprise that Jean and Laura, Kerrie’s high school friends from Omskirk, were able to fly in to join her.

38 Bride and Groom - Our Wedding [Apr 1995]59 The Ceremony - Our Wedding [Apr 1995]67 Bride - Our Wedding [Apr 1995]

It was a great autumn day and perfect for an outdoor wedding. The vine leaves were all autumn reds and oranges and provided a beautiful backdrop as we picnicked. Also the video shows kangaroos in the background as we said our vows.

21 Cutting The Cake - Our Wedding [Apr 1995]36 The Parents - Our Wedding [Apr 1995]

If being married 20 years was not making me feel old then Kerrie’s anniversary present certainly is. She got us tickets for KISS who are touring in Australia in October.

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