Family Day at the Footy

Big day yesterday at the footy with sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews all at the footy. We got them all into the Carlton Social Club so we could sit back and relax and enjoy the day.

20150418HTC 15 Family - Carlton and Essendon MCG

Except for Carlton going down to Essendon it was a great day with the sun coming out for Lilly and Bella’s first time at the MCG.

20150418HTC 10 Lilly and Bella - Carlton and Essendon MCG

They are 7 year old non-identical twins – while Bella went off with her dad (as they are both Essendon supporters), I took Lilly around the Carlton Pre-Match entertainment. She got her first Carlton Guernsey – it is now the next morning and she is yet to take it off.

20150418HTC 05 Lilly - Carlton and Essendon MCG20150418HTC 03 Lilly - Carlton and Essendon MCG

With Cricket and Footy it seems like we are at the G very few weeks – but then G is a centrepiece of Melbourne and one of the meccas for watching great sport.

20150418HTC 16 Carlton and Essendon MCG

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