Waiting for Moo – Coffee Rhetoric

In living back in the coffee Mecca of Melbourne my mandate for quality coffee has returned and so this, together with KL’s emerging coffee cafes, gives me an objective for exploring KL. 

Luckily Coffee is one thing that comes to the forefront in what has changed in Kuala Lumpur over the past 4 years. Especially in the last 12 months the number coffee cafes has increased significantly and with this competition the quality as well.  This increase is a combination of bespoke one-off cafes as well as boutique chains such as the Coffea Coffee cafe I am now sitting in to write. All these are a pleasant change from the Starbucks and Gloria Jeans mass productions that have dominated KL since I have been here.

20150425C 01 Coffea Coffee - Sri Hartamas

But a good Coffee cafe is not just about good coffee – although good coffee is a mandate – it is also about the atmosphere it creates around what it is you want to do. Often for me it is looking for a place that provides the solitude to be alone and read or work on the laptop and enjoy the coffee aroma.  But this morning it is about looking for the vibrant atmosphere that sees people connecting while enjoying their cup of java – you see I am waiting to be joined by Moo who is just finishing up a Chemistry Mock Exam. 

I haven’t seen Moo for a few weeks, since she returned to KL after spending her term break back with us in Melbourne. She is so busy with study as A-Level exams are in a few weeks that we cannot get much time together in my trips to KL but today we will spend a few quality hours.  Also she has a new boyfriend and so I am not the central man in her life at the moment 🙂

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