Moo MC’s at GIS Sports Awards

Moo has her last week of school this coming week before her A-Level Exams start and she graduates high school. She has a lot planned for the week – too much to meet up with me – including spending the week in costume as the lovely Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

I guess I will need to do a few blog posts reflecting on her time at school, and of course, eventually put together a video. One thing I am especially proud of is that throughout her entire school life she has always stepped up to take on various leadership roles.  With Moo having to change schools so much, on account of us moving, she does not always get the chance to get the recognition she deservers but she does get strong commendations from the teachers who know her.

She is not afraid of a challenge, she is confident and I have seen her inspire her team mates in a number of her sports. As I get to see Moo most in sport, and Em as well, I am really proud on how they lead on the court or field and also how they lead off. They are not afraid to step up and challenge, to push new ideas, or even take charge when the need arises. They don’t mind conflict and will hold their ground when it is important.  They perhaps have a healthier competitive balance than their dad 🙂

Continuing on her leadership, last week Moo, with her girlfriend Tash, was Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the Senior Sports Award Night. It is good to see her and Tash step up and take on a role like this in front of her peers – but then neither of them have a challenge speaking.  By all accounts, that is the update I got from Moo, she did a good job, had a bit of humour and managed the night well. 

She apparently got the “best travel adapter ever” as a present for MC’ing and so is excited to out gadget me. It is a strange but well timed present given she is going to embark on 6 months of travel shortly.

20150423FB 01 Molly MC GIS Sports Night 20150423FB 02 Molly MC GIS Sports Night

20150423FB 08 Molly MC GIS Sports Night

20150423FB 09 Molly MC GIS Sports Night

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