Moo’s Last Week of School – Ever!!!

Molly just had her last week of formal High School and now is buckling down for her A-Level Exams.  By all accounts she had a great last week being far too busy to be able to even catch-up with me.

Day 1 was School Uniform day where they all came to School in their old school uniforms – for A-Level they have been allowed to wear casual clothes to School.

20150427 07 School Uniform Day - GIS Last Week

Day 2 was Tribal Day – no idea what that means but the photos show it all.

20150428 02 Tribal Day - GIS Last Week

20150428 06 Tribal Day - GIS Last Week20150428 10 Tribal Day - GIS Last Week

Day 3 was Costume Day and Moo went as the lovely Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

20150429 01 Costume Day - GIS Last Week20150429 05 Costume Day - GIS Last Week

The last day they stayed back late the night before and set up a number of pranks for school the next morning. Mostly tame stuff like blocking the corridors with Balloon Walls.

20150430 02 Molly Pranks - GIS Last Week20150430 04 Molly Pranks - GIS Last Week

Now it is two months of revision and exams before they all head off to Bali for their Schoolies Week.

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