Molly Movie Age 14 (2011)

This instalment is Molly age 14 and is cut to “Can’t Buy Me Love” from “A Hard Day’s Night” album.

The video clearly shows that Molly has settled into her teenage years and is enjoying her time in Malaysia and South East Asia. A number of scenes are from our 2011 / 2012 holidays to Cambodia, Kota Kinabalu, Pangkor Island, Langkawi, Gem Island and others.

There are a number of sport snippets which go along with the amount of sport they (Moo and Em) were doing for Garden International School (GIS). Generally the level of sport in school was not what they were use to in Australia and it meant that if you were good at sport you got called on for most activities. 

Basketball was Moo’s thing, carrying on from Australia, and she did well at that until later years when her back started to interfere.  Soccer was not her thing, having never played before GIS, and she really only played a few years at GIS.  The video shows what Molly excelled at in Soccer, running around making space for everyone else but not seeing much ball Smile

Molly represented GIS at the FOBISSEA Games in Bangkok which is where the Javelin shot is from.

Molly and Em were quite close this first few years in Malaysia as they experienced new things together and I think the video shows that – especially with Em being in tow with most things Molly did. Molly however was always more adventurous with food and the video shows her enjoying a spiced Tea Egg and Durian.


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