Molly Movie Age 15 (2012)

This instalment is Molly age 15 and is cut to “Love Me Do” from the “Please Please Me” album.

Looking back through all the video of this year I could not believe how much Moo had packed in.  It was her O-Level iGSCE year and the video ends with her graduation from Garden International School (GIS), Kuala Lumpur. But in addition to studying for her O-Level Exams she also packed into that year a family holiday to China and then a secodn one to Japan.

The video starts with scenes from China and specifically Molly be chatted up by a Beijing Lad at the Temple of Heaven.  Both Moo and Em were popular with the locals in China with Moo even spending a good half an hour on the steps of Great Wall of China swapping English and Chinese with a local girl while EM and I ran further on. Moo’s “Boggle Legs” Chinese Wall gives a unique perspective of the wall Smile

Of course the China trip finished with Disney with a day at Hong Kong Disney.  We see Moo posing and trying to be extra nice to make up for the horror Em was by then.

Japan was a Christmas trip mainly for skiing at Nozawa Onsen. A nice change to get into the cold and rug up.

The last half of the video is around Kuala Lumpur. Molly getting MVP for Basketball, doing the Ferreoo Rocher Challenge and entering a Lego Competition.

Then next to final a quick snap of Moo and her best friend at the time Clio, just after their exams, and on their way for a weeks R&R in Singapore.  Just the two of them and first time Moo was away from us on her own.


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