Molly Movie Age 16 (2013)

This instalment is Molly age 16 and is cut to “Yesterday” from the “Help!” album.

Looking at these last few years of videos it looks like we were on a permanent holiday such was the life of an Expat in South East Asia.  In this video we have scenes from our trips to Vietnam, Boracay (Philippines) and Krabi (Thailand).

Perhaps this video more than any other shows Moo’s easy going and friendly personality and the person she has become as she is happy and relaxed in much of the video.

For Moo this was the year she rode a motorcycle on her own in Krabi, got her “L Plates” in Australia, finally got up on Water Skis and learnt to Scuba Dive in Boracay. Thanks to Tony Fisher for getting the girls water skiing. The same person who got me and my sisters up on skis as kids.

For her 17th Birthday Cake at the end, we had finally managed to get both sets of Grandparents on Skype at the same time and so her first birthday in many years with all her immediate family signing happy birthday to her, albeit with the internet delay.


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