An intimate 46th with Moo

I celebrated my 46th Birthday last Wednesday with a Tapas Dinner and Moo.

20150520C 07 David 46th Birthday

With me in KL and Kerrie and Em in Melbourne, it was up to Moo take care of me.  Which she did with a surprise of Balloons and Lego popping out of the car boot – a crafty excuse to go to the car to put some things away before dinner got me unawares. In response to the comments of her God Father, “Yes she did manage to find a set I do not have and she did well as my Star Wars Collection is a bit light on.”


The place she choose – Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar in Bangsar Village – was truly outstanding. The Tapas was superbly done and presented. Each dish was delicately prepared and did justice to the main ingredient.

Eggplant – Mussels in Sardine Tin – Asparagus – Octopus

20150520C 04 David 46th Birthday 20150520C 05 David 46th Birthday

Jorge, the owner, was a laugh and a great host.  Even after we offended him when we asked for Sangria and he had to explain that Sangria is what the Spaniards make to give their cheap wine away to the English. So he made us Tinto de verano, top quality wine and soda with a hint of vermouth – on a side note I suggest going to this link on Vermouth 101 as it gives an interesting insight into Aperitif Wines and Vermouth.

20150520C 02 David 46th Birthday 20150520C 09 David 46th Birthday

Thanks for a nice night Moo.

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