Hiking with Gabrielle Shih and the Moo

Apparently my Blog is getting to a point where people actually want to be mentioned within it – so enter Gabrielle Shih who is one of Moo’s close school friends and who came hiking with us yesterday Kanching Recreation Forest, Rawang.

20150523C 18 Kancing Recreation Forest

This recreational forest has seven tiers of beautiful waterfalls yet is only an hour from KLCC. It is well visited by locals as a swimming and BBQ spot and it is a sight to see people lighting up a small pile of wood, laying over some chicken wire and Bar-B-Queuing – the smells were mouth watering.

20150523C 25 Kancing Recreation Forest 20150523C 24 Kancing Recreation Forest

Our hike was a little longer and more strenuous than the normal hike in this area. This was thanks to Moo missing the obvious track near the top waterfalls and taking us on a side detour up the mountain side and into the jungle. As I had Kathryn and Dan, two work colleagues from Australia with me, the detour was great as it exposed everyone to a real Malaysian Hike 🙂

20150523C 08 Kancing Recreation Forest 20150523C 07 Kancing Recreation Forest

I have been to this spot before with Kerrie but never blogged about it.  It is worth the visit, take your swimmers and also enjoy a cool coconut when you get back down the bottom.

20150523C 19 Kancing Recreation Forest 20150523C 21 Kancing Recreation Forest



It was a great morning and made even better with lunch at my favourite paper chicken restaurant.

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