Moving in to Ocean Grove

Last weekend was the Queens Birthday Long Weekend in Australia and as such it gave us the perfect 3 days to move into the Beach House at Ocean Grove.  It was the perfect 3 days as Victoria even stopped the rain while we moved – something we were worried about given it had been raining all week prior.

20150607HTC 04 Ocean Grove

Mum and Dad came down Friday from Albury to help. Dad, Em and I managed to get a load on the truck in Hawthorn and unloaded at Ocean Grove on the Friday night – mainly the big furniture items.  Saturday morning we then loaded the truck again, this time largely with boxes and smaller stuff. Brent and family came to help which meant a 3rd generation whizzing around on a furniture trolley.

20150606WA 02 Ocean Grove

Saturday afternoon we took in the Carlton versus Adelaide Game at the MCG on the Saturday afternoon – Carlton lost again but it was probably their most competitive match.

We all drove to Ocean Grove Sunday morning and stayed Sunday and Monday which meant we got most of the furniture assembled and boxes unpacked. It was a great to be able to take walks on the beach in between unpacking 🙂

20150607C 29 Ocean Grove

20150607C 09 Ocean Grove 20150607C 22 Ocean Grove

Photos on the beach have also given me a chance to put what I think is the first photo on the blog of my youngest nephew – Lewis.

20150607C 11 Ocean Grove

Poor Ruby was ill for the whole weekend and Kerrie and Em. The only time she moved from her bean bag and blanket was for slow walks on the beach.

20150607HTC 07 Ocean Grove 20150607HTC 05 Ocean Grove 20150606WA 01 Ocean Grove

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