A Message to Moo on her Graduation

To My Lovely Moo,

Last night was such a special night in seeing you graduate from High School.

Mum and I have watched you grow up over the past 18 years and have never doubted that you would do well in all that you tackled. You have shown an eagerness to tackle all you can in life and have never shied away from a challenge and never not attempted to make the most of what was put in front of you.

I am particularly proud that you have embraced all in life and that you take on all experiences. You are sporty, you are academic, you like to travel, you jump into experiences, you embrace your friends and family, you challenge and do not accept status quo, you are tall, you are diverse, you are tolerant but most of all I am glad that you are happy.

We have done the best we can to guide you through your early years but now it is time for you to start to set your own course. It is scary for us to let you go but we know that you will continue on a good path and learn from your poor decisions and capitalise on your good ones and if you ever need advice Em will be there to tell you what to do 🙂

We have tried to let you experience all that we could. Exposing you to different cultures, different countries, different people and throwing you into different sports and challenges. So it is great to see that even after all that we have exposed you to, you are still seeking to do new things and to seek further experiences and that you are making active plans to get out and see more and do more.

I have enjoyed our little father-daughter activities – hiking around Mt Kosciuszko – doing the Viper Challenge – eating snails together for the first time – indulging in an oyster feast – our waterfall hikes – and hope these continue now you are a big girl – but I do fear that you might not forgive me for booking us into the upcoming MCG Stomp and the 7,500 steps!!!

You are in a special position of having friends all over the world.  Friends are important and good friends are always there when you need them. I encourage you to keep in touch with those that are important to you. There are times you will need their support and times they will need support from you. Never let distance get between you and your friends.

You have a sister who is as strong willed and independent as you and at times that leads to some heated sisterly love. She loves you and you her and I hope that continues. She has missed you a lot the past 6 months and I know she is looking forward to having you back in Australia for some time. Many of your experiences are uniquely shared and that creates a bond that I am confident will keep you two close.

You are lucky to still have all 4 grandparents alive and kicking. They have enjoyed watching you grow up and are looking forward to you turning 18 in the next few weeks as their oldest grandchild on both sides.  I know they all see you as special and are warmed by the person you have become.

There is not much more I can say. It is hard to not have you as my little girl, to not be driving you to school or to sport, to not be running around Disney Land with a smile from ear to ear, to not be watching you inspired by a new city or a new country or a new experience, to not be throwing you into something new and seeing you flourish. I know I have probably been harder than most dad’s by not giving you time to rest and to always be on the move in doing something different but I hope that has just made you appreciate life all the more.

I love you, your sister and mum so much…Dad

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