Molly Graduates High School at GIS

A big milestone for Molly last night with her graduation from High School at Garden International School (GIS), Kuala Lumpur.

20150619C 15 Molly GIS Graduation

The night was well executed with a few speeches early on and then into the presentation of each graduate as they were called up on stage to receive their certificates. We then had the traditional Malaysian Buffet, of course for breaking fast given it was Ramadan, before closing speeches from the School Principal and Chairman.

Molly was called up on stage with announcement that she was graduating with the GIS Certificate and then going onto to read Science at Melbourne University.  The GIS Certificate is an additional certificate they can do which is awarded are GIS generally for additional units in Community Service, Arts or Sports.

20150619S 10 Molly GIS Graduation

Molly B  –  Gabbi Shih  –  Clio  –  Molly S

20150619S 09 Molly GIS Graduation 20150619S 06 Molly GIS Graduation

 20150619S 07 Molly GIS Graduation 20150619S 08 Molly GIS Graduation

I was already in Kuala Lumpur for work while Kerrie and Emily flew in on Thursday. Numbers meant that only parents could attend but Emily was around the school catching up with friends so we snuck her in for some photos.

20150619C 08 Molly GIS Graduation

It has been an experience for her completing high school in an International School and she is now going to have close friends in most continents. Most are heading to top universities in the UK but Melbourne was also popular, perhaps with some influence from Molly.

She has worked hard and I think she is pleased that she has put in her best with her exams. Being away from Kerrie and myself for the past 6 months must have not been too easy for Molly but Roz and Steven and Molly S have done a outstanding job in taking care of her – perhaps it was an advantage being away from family stress 🙂

20150619C 33 Molly GIS Graduation 20150619C 27 Molly GIS Graduation

We now have her 18th Birthday Party on Tuesday then she is off to Bali for a week with friends before she comes back to Melbourne. She says she wants to start working to get some cash as she has 6 months before Uni starts but I think she may just end up at the Beach House to relax for a while.

20150619C 13 Molly GIS Graduation

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