Best Week with Moo and Em at the Beach House

Just completed our first full week with Moo being home full-time and also our first full week down at the Beach House in Ocean Grove.

20150704HTC 05 Girls Home in Hawthorn20150704HTC 07 Girls Home in Hawthorn

It was a great week – the girls loved being back together and spent most of the week watching movies on the LCD Projector we just brought – with the big screen Em got into the Spiderman Movies and they both bonded over Season 3 of the Arrow. The movie watching was interspersed with walks on the beach with Ruby but not much more.

20150710HTC 01 Girls Home in Ocean Grove20150710HTC 04 Girls Home in Ocean Grove

I worked from Ocean Grove for the week and would generally start my mornings off with a few hours in the Olive Pit Deli and then the rest of the day at the Ocean Grove Library – obviously linking myself to places with Internet as we have not connected the Internet at the Beach House yet. It has been years since I was last in a Library and it really made me feel like a local as it was a hive of activity with locals coming and going throughout the day.

The Beach House is now all unpacked and Kerrie, Em and I are settled in for our weekends there.  Molly still has to sort out all her stuff at Hawthorn, which has flowed out into most of the rooms in the house, before she works out what she wants down at the Beach House.

In the below photo you can just make out the Melbourne CBD on the horizon in the middle – this is taken from Port Arlington, across Port Phillip Bay just up from where our Beach House is.

20150711HTC 01 Melbourne from Port Arlington

It is now Sunday night and we are back in Hawthorn – I am just waiting for my ride to the airport and another 2 weeks back in Kuala Lumpur.  But cannot wait to get back – see Carlton vs. Hawthorn and then head back down to Ocean Grove.

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