MCG Stomp

Last Sunday the 5th July I had the privilege of running on the hallowed MCG Turf with both Molly and Emily hand in hand. A bucket-list item ticked to be on the turf with my two daughters – only catch was that we had to do 7,300 steps first Crying face

20150705GP 15 MCG Stomp

20150705C 08 MCG Stomp20150705HTC 11 MCG Stomp

We took on the Stadium Stomp at the MCG to help raise money for The Leukaemia Foundation. The stomp took us around the lower (35 steps per bay with 57 bays) and upper (83 to 108 steps per bay with 57 bays) levels of the MCG. I was proud of the fact that we ran the lower level but when we hit the upper level it all slowed down to a brisk walk – the upper level of the MCG is steep and I mean really steep.

20150705GP 07 MCG Stomp20150705GP 10 MCG Stomp

The first half of the upper level was in the older stand. I thought this was not too bad and got into a rhythm quickly. Then I hit the new stand – steps went from Row A to LL with 2 steps per row and they were higher per step than the other stands. Nevertheless I kept up a pace and in the end finished in around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Emily powered ahead – we knew she would as she is part mountain goat as witnessed on any of our hikes. Emily probably would have done it in under an hour if on her own. Molly struggled a bit, perhaps having enjoyed Bali a bit too much the week before.

20150705GP 12 MCG Stomp

We were in the first wave of the day starting at 8:00am – this meant a 6:00am rise but some great early morning photos of the MCG before too many people arrived.

20150705HTC 01 MCG Stomp20150705HTC 04 MCG Stomp

20150705C 07 MCG Stomp20150705GP 01 MCG Stomp

Molly worked out that it was equivalent to going TWICE up and down the Empire State Building in New York. It was certainly a great challenge and my first with both girls together – it could not feel any better holding both their hands as we ran the last 200m on the MCG Turf and to then cross the finish line together.

20150705GP 04 MCG Stomp20150705GP 18 MCG Stomp

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