Emily’s MLC Soccer – Intermediate A Grade

Emily is playing Intermediate A Grade Soccer for MLC this term as part of the Girls Sport Victoria competition.  Despite her objections I managed to go along to watch her match this afternoon.  MLC won 3 – 0 and seemed to play well.

20150729 05 MLC Girls A Level Soccer20150729 02 MLC Girls A Level Soccer

The standard, as expected, is considerably above what we experienced in Malaysia and of course much better organised. With proper facilities, decent referees and a chance to play on full size pitches, it is more enjoyable to watch. It also validates one of the reasons we wanted to return to Australia which was for better sports competitions for Emily.

Certainly the quality of sport competitions are improving in Malaysia but they still have a long way to go. Especially in encouraging sport and competition amongst women as support for women in sport lags a long way behind that of the men in Malaysia.

20150729 12 MLC Girls A Level Soccer20150729 04 MLC Girls A Level Soccer

Emily is primarily playing in defence which is new for her as she is used to striker. She’s a little grumpy about playing back mainly due to the pressure of not wanting to make a mistake at a critical moment. However I think this will be good for her as she plays forward with most of her sports and so a chance to be put under the pressure that defenders face is character building.

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