Em’s First Drawing of Daddy

In unpacking for the Beach House I discovered a stack of exercise books with Moo and Em’s old school work from around 2003 to 2005. I have started scanning in the material and came across what would be some of Em’s first drawings of me – her dad Smile

These are all from her 2004 Drawing Journal as a 3 Year Old at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar Early Learning Centre. The resemblance to myself back then is uncanny.

2004 24a Drawing Journal - Emily - IGS

There was also a wonderful one of her mum. I love the attention to detail as she has given her mum hair and me none.

2004 12a Drawing Journal - Emily - IGS

This one is especially sweet as it was for mothers day and depicts Kerrie coming to have lunch with Emily at Kinder. I like how as a 3 year old she has pictured the size difference between herself and her mum.

2004 14a Drawing Journal - Emily - IGS

Another one was of her Nanna which she says she drew after going shopping with her.

2004 20a Drawing Journal - Emily - IGS

I am so glad I kept and have scanned this material as it is a priceless memory of the girls.  It is also great to see how the young mind looks and perceives things through these drawings.

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