Empty Stands but Full Streets – KL City GP

This weekend was the first Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix. As always KL put on a great show in only a way they can by being able to get you so close to the action.  It is not that anything was unsafe its just that Malaysia is not as over the top as countries like Australia can be with barricades and fencing etc.  Certainly being able to walk across the track between races was a good example.

20150808HTC 09 KL CityGP 20150808HTC 47 KL CityGP

20150808HTC 10 KL CityGP 20150808HTC 17 KL CityGP

The backdrop of the Twin Towers and the other buildings of KL made for some spectacular sites as I walked around the track. One of the fantastic features was that you could walk completely around both the outside and the inside of the track without a ticket. Hence like me most people seemed to not have bought a ticket as the Grandstands were empty while the streets were packed with people propping themselves anywhere they could find a space.

20150809HTC 01 KL CityGP

The circuit was such that you could get a good position anywhere as you walked around. Thus you could spend some time at the hairpin corners and watch the Lamborghini’s miss the turn and career into the run off.  Or you could sit half way along Jalan Sultan Ismail on the longest straight and take in the V8 Supercars at full speed.  I was so glad I did not get a chance earlier in the week to waste RM 300 to 450 on a ticket and end up stuck in one of the poorly placed Grandstands.

The racers were basically Lamborghinis, V8 Super Cars from Australia and Formula Masters from China.

The Lamborghinis struggled around the bends but their noise under acceleration was incredible. I nearly burst and ear drum or two. One interesting fact I picked up is that race Lamborghinis do not have scissor lift doors for safety reasons and so door open normally.  Noticed this as they were bring a severely trashed Lamborghini off the track.

20150808HTC 26 KL CityGP 20150808HTC 30 KL CityGP

The Formula Masters saw some quick driving but you could also see some inexperience on the track. Made me wonder if some of the drivers were just rich Chinese buying themselves a drive.

20150808HTC 36 KL CityGP 20150808HTC 41 KL CityGP

It was a great weekend filled of adrenalin rushing speed and noise. A few anxious moments as I walked around and saw so many young kids without ear plugs, people climbing over the emergency vehicles etc. but then I learnt long ago not to try and argue with Asia and how they do things.

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One Response to Empty Stands but Full Streets – KL City GP

  1. ChasingGains says:

    Looks so good, and I love the fact you can be so close to the track ! Will have to give it a watch next time it’s in town!

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