Opals and Boomers Dominate New Zealand

Last night we got to see a double header with the Opals (Australian Female Basketball Team) and the Boomers (Australian Male Basketball Team) both convincingly beating their New Zealand counterparts in the first of 2 matches for the Rio Olympic Qualifying.

Melbourne and the Rod Laver Arena provided the perfect venue with Kerrie getting us great seats just behind the basket. It was also one of the largest Australian crowds to watch basketball live with a packed 26,000 in the arena.

20150815HTC 07 Opels and Boomers vs NZ - Rod Laver

The Opals are a formidable team and given that neither Lauren Jackson (injury) or Liz Cambage (suspension) played, we have a winning team emerging for the Olympics to hopefully improve on their Bronze from London.

Emily happen to be the first to notice that Liz Cambage was in fact sitting directly behind us. Poor Liz because once Emily asked for a picture a stream of people then realised who she was. In London Liz became the first woman in Olympic history to successfully complete a slam dunk. Em has been quoting this fact non stop since meeting her.

Em and her friend Zoe with Liz Cambage

20150815HTC 22 Opels and Boomers vs NZ - Rod Laver

The preliminary to the men’s match saw the New Zealand Haka being followed by a surreal response from Australia with the lights down and a tune on the Didgeridoo. It echoed around the enclosed Rod Laver Arena to let New Zealand know the Aussie were here.

20150815HTC 19 Opels and Boomers vs NZ - Rod Laver

We got to see Bogut, Dellavedova and Patrick Mills in action. Della and Mills are super quick while Bogut just has a presence on the court where he cannot be touched. Baby Shaq (Nathan Jawai) was also a treat to watch with his alley-oops, although he missed them all.

Dellavedova did a set of classic Della moves driving to the net in the last few seconds of the match to get 2 points showing some of the style that got him acknowledged in the NBA finals this year.

20150815HTC 11 Opels and Boomers vs NZ - Rod Laver20150815HTC 12 Opels and Boomers vs NZ - Rod Laver

The girls wore the Opal shirts and we all loved the energy packed evening.

20150815HTC 03 Opels and Boomers vs NZ - Rod Laver

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