Melbourne Uni Open Day with Moo

We spent a pleasant Sunday at the Melbourne University Open Day determine both courses and colleges  for Moo for next year. It could not have been a better Melbourne Day as it was sunny but with a slight chill which meant we could sit in the quad coated up and enjoy the educated surroundings.

20150816HTC 12 Melbourne Uni Open Day

Moo is excited and we are all excited for Moo as she is going to have a fantastic time at Melbourne University.  She worked out her ATAR score today – as she has her A Level results – and she should have no trouble getting accepted.

20150816HTC 03 Melbourne Uni Open Day20150816HTC 04 Melbourne Uni Open Day

Our focus was primarily on Colleges and it only took a visit to the first of many colleges for her to make up her mind that staying at College and not with mum and dad was the way to go. We did the string of main stream Colleges and it looks like Trinity will be her preference with maybe Newman or University College as second. We like the atmosphere of Trinity with its large open quad area and some of the energy of the students that showed us around.  Newman had a similar warm feeling as well. 

So after our visits Moo was busy today completing her College application.

Em also enjoyed the day but she was more into all the free food, lining up for Fairy Floss and then stuffing herself at the feasts put on at each College. I think she must have eaten a dozen scones with cream and jam.

20150816HTC 07 Melbourne Uni Open Day

20150816HTC 19 Melbourne Uni Open Day

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