Down at the Beach House…

A nice couple of days down at the beach house, relaxing and pottering around without the kids.

As Moo had a 10 hour shift at work and Em has a friend coming over to work on a school assignment, Kerrie and I headed down Sunday morning kid free. We has a pit stop at the Antiques Emporium where Kerrie brought two old pine / cedar doors and a vintage single stringer surf board. The doors are for a day bed she wants to make and the surf board for a coffee table. 

Kerrie tried to haggle on the surf board but they kept insisting it was a 1960’s classic and that she was already getting a great deal. Neither Kerrie or I know anything about surfing and so we now have a $150 surf board which is apparently a collectors piece – or maybe an expensive coffee table Smile

Lunch was the Burger and Beer Special at Barwon Heads – a great little place for burgers and for sitting outside when the sun is shining. The evening G&T on the upper deck watching the sunset was a great way to finish the day.

20150830HTC 02 Ocean Grove20150830HTC 05 Ocean Grove

The weather is starting to warm up and so we were able to enjoy ourselves with several walks along the beach. Poor Ruby is starting to show her age and so my morning run saw me doing a lot of back tracking to Ruby to try and get her to keep up.

It is great that the kids can take care of themselves…they made a Shepherds Pie together for Sunday dinner although Moo admits Em did most of the cooking. Em got herself off to school OK this morning and with great timing we were driving past her school just as she got out and so she was able to jump in the car for the 500m drive home.

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