Beach House Projects

Last weekend was a beautiful sunny weekend at the Beach House and with the weather warming up and us starting to settle in I was able to turn my attention to a few DIY projects.

A Doggy Door for Ruby was first on the list followed by spending the day sanding back and varnishing the hardwood table top I had built. The table top came up beautifully and we christened it later that evening with BBQ’ed Burgers for dinner.

My other Beach House evening project has been mastering the Gin & Tonic. I have a few Gins with one of my favourite being a Scottish Gin, The Botanist from the Island of Islay – which is also where one of my favourite Single Malts come from, Ardbeg. I am fascinated with the different botanicals in Gin and how different garnishes can enhance the flavours and the botanicals.

20150926 01 Doggy Door - Ocean Grove20150926 02 Table Top - Ocean Grove

20150927 03 Burger Time - Ocean Grove20150926 03 GinAndTonic Time - Ocean Grove

Em and Kerrie were also into their weekend projects. For Em waxing her surf board and for Kerrie she completed sewing her third Bean Bags – much appreciated by Ruby who now is spoilt for snuggling choice.

20150927 02 Waxing - Ocean Grove20150927 04 Ruby Bean Bag - Ocean Grove

Em and I purchased new wetsuits and a Paddle Board on the weekend. I managed to master paddling out while kneeling only but did manage to catch a number of good waves – so much fun.  I think it will be a while before I am actually standing and paddling however.

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