Em off to Marshmead

Last Wednesday we all got up before 6am to see Emily off to 8 weeks at MLC Marshmead. Em was very excited and the only tears were shed by Kerrie and myself as we saw her off for this long period.

20151007 02 Em off to Marshmead20151007 04 Em off to Marshmead

Marshmead is MLC’s remote residential campus and is a 114-hectare operating farm located in Croajingolong National Park, in far-east Gippsland, near the township of Mallacoota – they are deep in the bush and some 7 hours from Melbourne.

Map picture


Emily will spend all of Term 4 there disconnected from email and mobile phone and going back to basics with the only way for us to communicate with her is via postal mail. She will be living in house with 5 others having to cook, clean and take care of themselves for the whole 8 weeks. Altogether there are 9 houses and so around 60 girls.

Em and Her Marshmead House – B2

2015_10_07_Marshmead House B2

The primary goal of the Marshmead program is to have students explore the concept of ‘personal footprint’ including what one’s footprint encompasses and how it delivers consequences to others and the environment. The program encourages students to study, live and experience life in a remote farm setting and is delivered within the context of a secure and challenging environment.

We do get daily photos uploaded to a web site so that we can see she is still OK. But all we have so far is the one below of her doing fire drills on the second day.

2015_10_08 Fire Awareness

Marshmead is a great experience for Em and we are excited that she can go and participate. 

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