A Day at Lockhart Festival for Mum’s 68th

Saturday we took the drive up to Albury for Mum’s 68th. We arrived around lunch time and then headed a further hour north to go to the Lockhart Spirit of the Land Festival.

The festival is a small country festival with the typical stalls down the main street and entertainment on the oval.  There was not really much to see or do but still the intent was a family outing.

20151010 04 Lockhart Country Festival

20151010 09 Lockhart Country Festival20151010 15 Lockhart Country Festival

Lockhart is a NSW farming town about an hour north of Albury. As a country town is is beautifully setup with its historic main street buildings (Post Office, Bank etc.) but with a wonderfully modern touch with rustic metallic sculptures throughout the town and its parks.

20151010 22 Lockhart Country Festival20151010 16 Lockhart Country Festival

It was a hot afternoon and so after a few hours of walking around the stalls and chowing down on the obligatory steak sandwich we all retired to the local cafe for a milkshake and drinks.  The cafe is in midst of trying to restore itself to the 19650’s Milk Bar and so my vanilla milk shake was done in a old fashioned aluminium milkshake cup and mixer but the mixer took some time as it had seen better days.

20151010 27 Lockhart Country Festival20151010 29 Lockhart Country Festival

As mentioned it was mum’s 68th and so back in Albury that evening the obligatory ice cream cake came out for the Happy Birthday.

20151010 32 Mums 68th Birthday20151010 36 Mums 68th Birthday

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