Weekend in Koh Samui

To escape Kuala Lumpur last weekend and the haze I went to Koh Samui for a fantastic weekend scooting around on a little Honda and relaxing at the Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort.

 20151017HTC 09 Koh Samui

20151017HTC 21 Intercontinental - Koh Samui

From Kuala Lumpur it was an easy flight being just over an hour on Bangkok Airways. The flight left early Saturday morning and returned late Sunday and so it gave me a full weekend in Koh Samui. My first time on Bangkok Airways and it was a pleasant flight.  The staff were friendly – food was Asian curry and rice – no individual entertainment but with an hour flight I just read.

20151017HTC 01 KLIA - Koh Samui 20151017HTC 03 Breakfast Bangkok Airways - Koh Samui

I did my research before hand on hiring a motor bike and so determined that the going rate was around 200 Baht a day. Instead of getting a taxi transfer away from the airport to the 1,000’s of motor bike hire places I just walked out of the airport and instead immediately found a local family man who was hiring. Basically as you leave the airport there is a 7-Eleven on your right and just next to that is a family laundry business with bike hire.

It was a lot of fun to deal with them in hiring the bike. There 2 year old son kept running around looking at me.  They wanted to hold my passport which I would not leave with them. So instead I let them keep about AUD 300 that I had on me as a deposit. They were so fascinated by the colour of the Australian Notes that they agreed. 

20151018HTC 09 Bike Rental - Koh Samui

The Intercontinental Resort was on the exact opposite end of the island to the airport so I had about an hour bike ride ahead of me. The issue however was that although the weather on the airport end was great and sunny and the weather at the Intercontinental was sunny, the one storm cloud in the middle was dumping down rain.  This gave me a chance to motor around the  more popular town and beach areas up north near the airport being Bo Put and Chaweng.

20151017HTC 12 Koh Samui

Around about lunch time I made it to the Intercontinental Resort, got checked in and immediately headed down to one of the pools near the beach for a swim, gin and tonic and lunch – one of the best soft shell and green papaya salads that I have had.

20151017HTC 34 Intercontinental - Koh Samui 

20151017HTC 30 Intercontinental - Koh Samui 20151017HTC 31 Intercontinental - Koh Samui

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, reading and then eventually heading up to the Air Bar for some more drinks and to watch the sunset. Even though it was over cast and visibility poor this was still an amazing experience to see the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand.

20151017HTC 40 Air Bar - Intercontinental - Koh Samui

20151017HTC 42 Air Bar - Intercontinental - Koh Samui

20151017HTC 43 Air Bar - Intercontinental - Koh Samui 

20151017HTC 45 Air Bar - Intercontinental - Koh Samui

I splashed out on dinner a bit more than I wanted to – given it was meant to be a budget weekend – but the buffet at Flames at the Intercontinental down on the beach was too much to resist.  An all you can eat BBQ packed with great salads, great steak and lobster and sea food.  Of course I tucked into a medium rare steak and 2 lobsters to get my monies worth.

I have seen a few fire shows but the ending of the fire show at Flames was one of the best. Fire, flames and sparks going everywhere.

20151017HTC 51 Flames - Intercontinental - Koh Samui

Sunday was an early start. I was the first to breakfast as I wanted to get away by 7am. I spent the morning on the bike touring and hiking a number of waterfall which I will cover in another post.  I then headed back to the resort to freshen up and check out and then biked back to the other end of the island for my flight.

I spent a few hours relaxing and having a later lunch at Fisherman’s Village and then seeing the Big Buddha and other sights.

20151018HTC 82 Fisherman Village - Koh Samui 

20151018HTC 94 Big Buddha - Koh Samui

All in all a great escape from Kuala Lumpur.

In my view Koh Samui is between Krabi and Phuket as far as Thailand destinations and what to do. Krabi is better for families and Phuket more night life to party while Koh Samui is a bit of both.  Muay Thai is very big and so in cafe’s you overhear a lot of young Caucasian males trying to impress women with their talk on how tough they are and bragging about their last training session – this I just found a good laugh. There is more than enough to do to make it a great weekend.

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